We don’t hear from ear to ear

We don’t hear from ear to ear

Swam yesterday, knocked the fuck out and ran again this morning with my brother. Ran about 2.4 with minimal stopping (which is rare for someone with zero stamina), so am quite pleased. I’m really lucky to be able to coerce lotsa people to exercise with me; really helps to keep me motivated :D !

On that note, here’s a recent loot post, which, um .. also .. helps to keep me motivated HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS LIKE THE BEST EXCUSE TO SHOP EVER

Massive amount of printed rompers from Gelliz.com (she bought a watch from Nakedglory and tagged me on her instagram, afterwhich I found her blogshop AND HAVE NOT STOPPED BUYING SINCE OMG HALP) and the super super super pretty floral dress from Lace & Ebony featured a few posts back. Please also note that she’s wearing Nakedglory watches HEHEHEHEHE *fist pump*

From F21.com:

  • F21 Cutout Chevron Necklace in Gold & Silver
  • F21  Lasso Rings in Gold & Silver
  • F21 Charmed Wishbone Bracelet
  • F21 Essential Tie-Front Top
  • F21 LOVE21 Baroque Print A-line Dress
  • F21 Tribal-Inspired Sweetheart Dress in Mint
  • F21 Pleated Romper w: Bow-Shaped Belt in Navy

Gonna chop the dresses into tops as usual and my fave of the whole lot has got to be the Navy Pleated Romper. Looks damn adorable, hope it’ll fit well once it’s here :D ! I just shipped my crapload of parcels back from the U.S so it should reach me within 6-8 days!

MY EXACT EXPRESSION RIGHT NOW HAHAHA So excited! Is there any better feeling than the anticipation of your long awaited parcels and having them arrive on your doorstep?! Super love :D !

P.S – I’m sorry for all the healthy talk and shit, but frankly I feel like if I put it out there; if I SAY i’m going to run and I let the world know that I’m going to freakin run, then I’d better get my ass out that door and RUN. I’d rather run than run (excuse the pun HYUKHYUK) the risk of people telling me I don’t stick to my word, so that’s one of the ways I motivate myself into running :D !

Okay gonna get some healthy-ish jap food as a reward for all my effort :D !

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