Where is the line you do not cross?

Where is the line you do not cross?

It’s a little late I know (understatement, of course), but I’m packing for the flea and a shoot tomorrow so I can’t sleep just yet. Recently, this has been weighing heavy on my mind but I’ve been hesitating to blog about this issue as there’ll probably be nasty backlash.

I’m a shoppaholic. Always have and always will be, but I also own a webstore. As such, I’ve been on both sides of the coin and can I just say that FUCKING HELL, people need to be a lot less shitty when it comes to online shopping. I know that it’s a faceless exchange, but seriously what happened to courtesy and manners? And while we’re on that note, what the FUCK happened to common sense? I know that as a shopper, when your parcel goes missing, your very first conclusion is that:


Followed closely by:



As a seller, I know the rate of missing parcels is relatively low, but in the past 3 weeks I’ve had 3 go missing. Out of 112 parcels sent, 3 is a small number but WHAT THE FUCK OKAY SINGPOST?! 3 is small number but 3 is also an unacceptable number. Out of these 3 parcels, none have been recovered. I call Singpost to investigate, all they will say is that “Okay we will check it out and get back to you 3 days“.

3 days later, no word from them. Meanwhile, I grow several beards. I call them up again and they just say, “Sorry we can’t find your parcel.“. The fuck am I supposed to do now? How the fuck am I supposed to tell my customer that sorry your parcel has gone missing and Singpost basically sucks ass? It’s the only fucking way I can post. If I were to own an electric donkey and perhaps all the time in the world, I’d hand-deliver the parcels. As it is, I don’t have the time (nor the donkey) and there is no other delivery system in Singapore that isn’t crazy expensive. Singpost is a monopoly. Is there anything else that needs to be said here?

A few people have asked me this on formspring:

“Yoko help! I sent out a parcel and it got lost and now the customer wants to report me. What do I do?”

and I always say, there’s nothing you CAN do. You can report it, but the odds of it coming back to you are like 2%? As a precaution, I ALWAYS video the mailing process. Always. It used to be enough but now EVEN WHEN I SEND CUSTOMERS THE VIDEO SCREENSHOT OF THEIR PARCEL BEING MAILED, they still think I somehow ~scammed~ them. Where is the logic here? I can provide an actual VIDEO of your parcel (with a clear view of their address, mind) being placed INSIDE the PO box + me closing the deposit drawer, which means your parcel has been mailed and is (literally) out of my hands. Even with this video as evidence, they can still somehow conclude that I did not mail out the parcel. I have video evidence and yet, somehow, people can still convince themselves that it was a hologram or something.

How does that not suffice, may I ask? What am I supposed to do now? Should I hold up a newspaper with the date on it like in kidnapping videos to show that the video was presently shot?! Seriously guys, help me out here. Realistically though – should I implement a registered-postage-only rule across the board? How else am I supposed to ensure Singpost doesn’t keep looting my watch parcels?

Someone actually freaking sent me an SMS and said this to me (I fucking shit you not):

“Sorry but I feel really disappointed with your services, its been almost a month and nth happen. Not gonna recommend this blogshop to my friends. Scam people of their money.”

Actual reaction:

Seriously. Offended BEYOND words leh. How can people be so illogical? It’s out of my hands! I can’t do anything?! Most ask for a replacement parcel which isn’t possible. Why should I send another parcel when it’s not my fault that it didn’t get delivered cause Singpost is what it is? How is this fair to any seller?! We try our best to have the parcel sent out in a timely manner. Properly sent too, mind. Anti-ripping poly mailers with sticker stamps and return-address stickers and yet all we get is accusation after accusation.

Urgh sorry for the rant, but this is getting out of hand. Perhaps I really should make registered postage compulsory. But seriously though, where the fuck are my parcels? Is there a postman out there wearing like 30 of my watches or something?! Seriously ):<<<<< !!! Rar okay rant over. If anyone has any feedback/solutions/suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Also, I’m going to be at Scape Bazaar tomorrow, feel free to drop by and check out the new outrageously gorgeous designs. There’s 3 that I really really really love – a set of ombre faces, a super interesting maroon face and a shimmery blue one. See y’all tomorrow! Hmkay ttyl I have to wake up in like 6 hours and I haven’t even finished packing GGBALLS KTHXBAI

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