Who can say why your heart sighs?

Who can say why your heart sighs?

Check out these awesome acrylic badges I got at the flea! They’re from a local pair of artist under the label Rox And Paper (facebook/carousell). All illustrated by them, and manufactured into solid acrylic badges. Mad hipster! Got these for a hipster friend of mine whom I KNOW will love these to death!

Free wrapping paper printed by Public Garden; this was distributed at the flea for people who popped by :D ! My favourite icon on this is the tent :D

My new iphone case :D ! Got this all the way from Slovenia, don’t play play k ! DAMN chio, I had a hard time choosing my favourite design; you can browse all the gorgeous cases here on their shop : Another Case. Seems pretty sturdy, and I really freakin’ love the shape of the cutout (for the camera slot). Extremely unique.

Did I mention I’m getting my iphone 5S tomorrow morning? I gave my mother my iphone 5, so we had to swap the phones earlier today so I’d be able to trade her shitty iphone 4 in. It’s terrible @_@. Lagging my freakin’ balls off, plus all the dimensions seem so wrong now that I’ve been on the iphone 5 for so long. Did I also mention the intense lag? My brain practically weeps each time I unlock the phone. I apologize in advance if my replies to messages/whatsapps are super slow today, promise they’ll be more timely tomorrow when I’m on a less shitty phone.

Sigh pie, had to delete a whole chunk of text again cause’ blogging about these things would be unprofessional. Can I just say that lousy customers make me so so so grateful for all the sweet ones? I read somewhere that to make your life happier, you shouldn’t hold people to the same standard as you would for yourself, cause’ it’s bound to disappoint you and/or piss you off. That really struck a chord with me. I’ve been so prickled by these asshats who have been copying me left/right and center. I’m really trying to let go of the grudge. They’re only imitating me cause’ they’re trying hard to catch up with me, so I guess I should just continue to work my butt off to get so far ahead they can’t even touch me.

Oh well. I really wish I could blog about more personal things, but now that everything is interlaced with work, I fear I really can’t ): . Hope y’all are having a better week than I’m having so far!

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