With the lights on.

With the lights on.

Some amazeballs Herschel Supply backpacks coming your way :D ! On a side note, trying to formulate an accessory selling post by tomorrow if possible. Stay close k, self collection is encouraged at our flea markets for the next 4 weekends :D !

On another random side note, I just had a fairly bad argument with my mother. I well and truly hate it when adults don’t act as such. Why in the flaming hell can’t people act their age? She’s trying to tell me that parents are parents and therefore should be respected, but why the fuck should I respect someone who won’t even respect me? Who only knows how to nitpick at me; constantly trying to find minute issues to blow out of proportion? I’m truly sick of his shit, and I refuse to kowtow to this ridiculous notion that respect is a GIVEN to elders. No. Hell no.

I give the proper mediocrem of respect, which is acknowledgement. But I won’t fucking lower my fucking selfworth to have to resort to BEGGING or fucking running after someone JUST to acknowledge their presence when they slam the fucking door in my face. No. Response begets response, please remember the words you have repeated to me over the years. I’m not going to fucking beg. If you refuse to listen to logic, then fuck it; we’ll forever be at a standstill.

I’m a logical person. If you give me an argument that I can’t refute or debate, I will take it as it is and I will back down. I won’t give in to crap logic like “he’s your father”. Excuse me while I try to find a few fucks to give. If he loves me as he claims, he won’t keep putting me through this shit. I’ve fucking had enough.

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