Words I couldn’t say

Words I couldn’t say

New shades from Pull & Bear ($25.90, Vivocity); awesome new wooden bowl that I’m going to use for photos from Franc Franc.

These shades are my new favourite – I love the shape and the subtle tortoiseshell print. Plus, they were cheap to boot! I like that they aren’t the boring conventional shapes like wayferers/clubmasters :D !

Can I just say that I am a slave to cutlery and kitchenware? Everytime I see something that I believe will photograph well, I just HAVE to buy it. Bf was like WTF WHY YOU KEEP BUYING BOWL and I’m just like DON’T STIFLE MY SPIRIT OKAY I AM A FREE WOMAN CUTLERY IS MY LIFE #TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Heart chain necklace & beauty pack will be up for grabs in a Foundry&Co x Nakedglory giveaway tomorrow ;) !

Aijesen Ramen with the bf today. I always eat the Pork Kimchi Ramen with no kimchi or bean sprouts or cabbage LOL I’m so irritating to serve.

Also, check out these lovely temporary tattoos from Dottinghill.com! They’re usually available for purchase at a booth at Public Garden fleas and they’re also available at Minikin (Cineleisure & JEM). The medium ones (like the one with 2 cats, for example) go for $5 whilst the larger one with the feathers is going for $7 for the whole sheet at Minikin at JEM.

They were really too pretty to resist. HAD to get them on sight or perhaps that’s just the major shoppaholic in me that’s talking.

Am trying my best to bring my camera out for pics to blog about! I’ve some good pics from Shaun’s bday BBQ which, ironically, fell on the week of the Haze LOL. We still had a good time though, will blog about that once I can loot the pictures from Dan’s camera.

That said, Nakedglory collection and new F&C items will be added on Monday so stay close <3 ! PS – One of the sites that I’ve recently been working on will be launching tomorrow!!! Quite excited cause’ it’s for an up-and-coming model/blogger , would anyone like to guess ^_^ ??? More tomorrow hehehe see y’all in abit!

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