You’re not convinced that that is enough?

You’re not convinced that that is enough?

Printed Hair Ties. They supposedly don’t leave unsightly marks even after tying your hair for a long time. I tied mine but totally forgot to get check for indentation marks lol sorreh.

Mint & Gold F21 Pouch. Pretty, but it looks like it could possible be easily scratched :/

Obey Double Feather Necklace. Saw this months ago and I really wanted it, but at $52 USD, they were a want that I didn’t need. Saw it on sale so now I own .. 2 pieces. Kiasu max, I know.

I’m sure you all know that I’ve always been pressed for time. Now with school and the constant traveling from one end of the island to the other, I’ve even less. I barely have time to scratch my butt tsk. CCA recruitment will start soon, and I’m just worried that I won’t even have time to breathe should I take one up, but it was a major reason for my return to school – so that I could get fit and healthy again.

Pffft okay enough complaining for now. I’m having a flea this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 313, level 16. There’s gonna be quite a few awesome vendors there, so drop by if y’all can! There’s a booth run by the Tinkr girls, it’s a 3D printing booth where you can print out little figurines!! I’m freakin’ excited to go see, if I can find pics, I’ll update here later on. Lesson’s about to start soon so I’ll ttyl <3 !

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